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FAQs (frequently asked questions)


Alcohol - may we bring alcohol?

Please read the terms and conditions of hire for the community centre.

Alcohol – may I serve alcohol

Organisations - can serve alcohol (or sell alcohol with a TEN (Temporary Event Notice) until approx 10.00pm or as per their hire time, provided, however, they have event insurance.
Private parties - It is not permitted to consume alcohol at Private Parties ending after 6pm.  If a breach to terms and conditions is identified and a complaint is received then you will lose your deposit.

Inflatables (eg. bouncy castle) - May I bring a bouncy castle?

In order to have a bouncy castle at your event/party, you would need to hire the larger of our two halls (Raggy Powell Hall)which has a capacity of 100. The rate for this hall is £15 an hour. You would need to hire the bouncy castle yourself and supply Eastcott Community Organisation with the public liability insurance from the hire company. We also have a height limit of 9 feet in that hall. 

Bins – where can I put my rubbish?

Please leave a maximum of 2 black rubbish bags and place them in (or near) the red wheeled bin in the Centre car park before you leave.

Chairs and tables 

Tables and chairs are included within the hire of the hall cost. The maximum people that can be accommodated in the Main Hall is 100 and in the Activity Hall is 40 people. We do not hire out tables and chairs outside the centre. Most of the chairs and tables aren't our property as they belong to Swindon Borough Council. We also usually need them for events at the centre.

Ongoing COVID 19 arrangements

Please see the documents within our policy section which include risk assessment, special hire terms and conditions for hirers and a copy of the main instructional hirer details poster displayed in the Centre.

Crockery - is there crockery I may use?

We do not supply crockery for events. Please ensure you bring your own crockery. We do, however, have mugs in each kitchen.  You may use these but please ensure they are washed and dried before returning to the cupboard where you found them.

Cutlery - is there cutlery I could use?

Sorry we don’t have spare cutlery. Please ensure you bring your own cutlery, including tea spoons.

Decorations – may I put decorations up around the Hall?

You may use white tac to stick decorations around the Hall. Please do not use sellotape/sticky tape on the walls. Hirers are not permitted to hang decorations which require working at height due your own safety and the fragility of the ceiling.  We do not lend ladders to hirers and ask that you do not bring your own.  If decorations are hung that breach the terms and conditions of your hire, you will lose your deposit.  Please note that if a deposit was not charged due to the length of the booking you will be charged as a breach to the terms and conditions.


Depending on the length of your booking and in addition to the charge for the Hall we may require a fully refundable £75 special deposit (not cashed and returnable provided the terms and conditions have not been breached).  If any part of the hire payment or deposit is not paid we will not be able to accept your booking and your booking may be cancelled at the discretion of the Eastcott Community Centre Committee.

Emergency contacts

In an emergency please contact the Facebook page Eastcott Community Centre, email or phone 01793 464703*
*Please note: Eastcott Community Organisation  EMERGENCY contact is managed by Swindon Borough Council's Security team.


If you would like to leave any feedback regarding the hire of the community centre please do email us and we will send you a link to an external survey.  Alternatively, please don't hesitate to speak to one of our volunteers, Committee members or staff.

First Aid – is there a first aid box?

We do not provide a first aid box for your event. Please ensure that you provide your own first aid supplies for your event should an accident/emergency occur.

Jugs - may I borrow jugs for squash?

There are jugs in each Hall kitchen. You may use these but please ensure they are washed and dried before returning to the cupboard/counter where you found them.

Keys – where do I get keys to open the Community Centre?

The hall will be opened for you by one of our volunteers and they will wait a maximum of 15 minutes from the start of your booked time (unless you have made contact with us to make alternative arrangements), otherwise the Hall will be locked again.  Alternatively,  please contact us via our Facebook page or email info@eastcottommunity.orgFor any other queries please email

Kettle – is there a kettle I can use?

There is a hot water heater and mugs in the cupboard if you wish to make tea and coffee.

Lost Property

If you leave any of your property at the hall, please email and we'll put it aside for you.  Any unclaimed lost property will be kept for a month.  We do not have the storage to keep hold of it for longer than that so please try and "sweep" for belongings before you leave the Community Centre.

Music - may we play music? 

We have a PA system in each hall. We also have microphone and lapel mics which you can use. To enable your mobile phone to play through the PA, you need to attach it to the wire through your headset socket. We also have a bluetooth adapter for wireless input, but you will need to ask for this when booking.

Postbox - is there a post/letterbox for the Community Centre?

We do have a postbox for the Centre. It is a black box (not a letter box) on the left hand wall, to the left of the red front door to the Community Centre. This post box is emptied at least every 2 days.

Projector - is there a projector I may borrow?

Yes, we do have a projector.  It is available to borrow for organisations who hire the hall with their own insurance. Please request this equipment when making your booking.

Set up / pack away – am I able to set up for my event early?

We suggest you book and pay for half an hour at each end of your event. This will ensure you have enough time to set up before your event/party and then clean and put the tables away after they have been used. We will provide a broom/dustpan and brush to clear the floor. Please ensure the Hall is left as you found it.

Size - what are the dimensions of the Hall(s)?

The Main Hall (Raggy Powell Hall( is 8.9m wide by 14.7 to 16.1m long.  The Activity Hall (Savernake Hall( is 5.3m wide by 11.7m long. The alcove is 1.8 x 5.3m.  Please also see the floorplan.

Tables & chairs - do I have to move these back to where they were before my event?

It would be very helpful if you could leave the room pretty much as you find it please.  The large tables have stickers on them which indicate where they should be returned to.  

Tablecloths - may I borrow tablecloths?

Sorry but we do not have tablecloths you can borrow. Please bring these with you.


Please note we have no TV or TV licence.

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